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Ugly Christmas Sweaters with coloured LED lights

Dazzle everyone this Christmas with our Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Steal the Christmas tree's thunder with your light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you want Christmas 2024 to be a landmark occasion for your family and friends, you need to get your hands on one of our light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater. Go all out with one of our light-up Ugly Christmas Sweaters; everyone will have their eyes on you this Christmas.

Do you like to stand out? If so, you're in the right place. You'll certainly be the center of attention this Christmas when you rock up in your Ugly Christmas Sweater with coloured LED lights. Whether you're at Christmas dinner or the office lunch, you'll stand out from the crowd in one of these sweaters and all eyes will be on you. You can even guide them in the dark while the batteries last.


No need to take the lights off to wash the Ugly Christmas Sweater!

To wash any of our light up Ugly Christmas Sweater models, simply remove the white box with the switch from the inside pocket and disconnect the cable by gently pulling on each side as shown in this image:

Remember that you don’t need to remove the cable from the inside of the sweater, as both the cable and the LED lights are waterproof. After washing, wait until the sweater is completely dry before reconnecting the battery.

As you can see, it’s easy to wash our light up Ugly Christmas Sweaters if you follow our instructions. However, if you have any questions, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.


Keep the party going as long as you can, or until the batteries of your light up Ugly Christmas Sweater run out

From the moment you switch on your light up Ugly Christmas Sweater lights, you’re going to steal the limelight at party — until either your feet can’t keep moving or the batteries run out.

In fact, if you have any questions about how to change the batteries in your light up Ugly Christmas Sweater, our help page has a video explaining how to change them, as well as how to disconnect the battery before washing your light up Ugly Christmas Sweater too.

If you truly live Christmas to the max and not even the light up Ugly Christmas Sweaters post a challenge to you, have a look at our new 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater section. In particular, have a look at the couple of models we have that come with a beer opener. Yes, that’s right, they come with a tremendous beer opener hanging on the sweater! One of them even has a pocket for you to keep your freshly opened beer in, so you can open all your friends’ beers too!

On the other hand, if you don't like to draw attention, you'll find all of our more "conventional" Ugly Christmas Sweater models in our mens and womens sweater sections.

Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweaters are unisex and will fit either women or men, and girls or boys. You just need to choose your favourite one and the size you want.

In case you’re looking for your first Ugly Christmas Sweater and feel a little self-conscious about wearing one of the flashier light up Ugly Christmas Sweaters, this year we’ve also created a collection of classy Christmas sweaters.

All the styles in this collection have a very subtle design that, without being too “geeky”, don’t compromise on keeping that festive and Christmassy feel. They really are the perfect sweaters to combine with any other garment and will go great with both your everyday Christmas outfits and those for a special occasion.

In the same line, for the best-dressed girls, we also have a collection of Christmas dresses. The dress designs are perfect to wear with jeans for a classy and Christmassy look at the company Christmas party, for example.


The LED Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater has become a Christmas tradition

Looking back, we still remember Christmas 2021 when we made our first LED Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater design. It was a very simple design with only a few LED lights. More than a few people thought this was crazy and that no one would want such a model; but it seems they were wrong.

In case there’s any doubt about the popularity of Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweaters, here are some facts: that first model of Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater mentioned above was sold out by the end of December. The following Christmas, 3 of the 4 most popular models were Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Even last year, most of the LED light-up models were sold out before Christmas.

It’s clear that the Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater is here to stay. In some families and groups of friends, it has become a tradition, and there are even ‘competitions’ to see who has the coolest Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater.

And thanks to technological improvements, you don’t need to remove the LED lights from the jumpers to wash them. Just unplug the battery holder and that’s it! It’s very convenient and the lights withstand all types of washing without any issues.

A little bit above, we explained how to remove the battery holder in a very simple way, but if you have any questions, you can either go to our help section or contact us through any of the contact channels we have.

Now, after this brief summary of why our Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweaters are selling better and better every year, I continue...

Over the years, we’ve found that some designs never go out of fashion. These are usually the more classic models with typical Christmas patterns like snowmen, reindeer or Santa Claus.

For example, the red Light-up Ugly Christmas jumper with a Christmas tree is one of the best-selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters every year. Even the blue version is one of the most popular every Christmas.

And if we’re talking about children or whole families, there’s no doubt about it. The little ones in the house love LED Light-up Christmas Sweaters, and so do we, the grown-ups. The idea of the whole family wearing the same Light-up Ugly Christmas Sweater lights and ‘making a statement’ on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is hard to beat — the look on your grandma’s face when you turn on the jumper’s lights is just amazing!

If you have any doubts about the sizes of any of our Light Up Christmas Sweaters, you can check the size guide next to the size selector. There, you can see the measurements of each size, as well as images of real people wearing our Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via email or by filling out the contact form on our website. We’ll be happy to help, and promise to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Join the Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater trend and enjoy Christmas with some extra fun and sparkle!

Merry Christmas!