Our story

Ugly Christmas Sweaters came about following a lovely time in Ireland. After living in Dublin for two years, a little piece of the Emerald Isle will always remain with us.

Its Christmas spirit is one of those things we’ll always remember and that’s where we got this idea from.

Over there, Christmas sweaters are the most worn item of clothing from the start to the end of December. For family gatherings, dinners with friends or to simply walk happily down the street celebrating the fact that Christmas has finally arrived. Companies even tend to have their Christmas Jumper Day when everyone is obliged to wear a Christmas sweaters.

We liked this fun way of celebrating Christmas so much that in those two years, we brought Christmas sweaters back for our family and friends. After seeing the furore they caused, we decided to set up Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And that’s how the idea came about.

We hope you like them and enjoy them as much as we do.



It’s our priority. We focus on producing high quality jumpers as sustainably as possible, with a very demanding manufacturing process.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than bringing colour and joy to all of our customers every Christmas.



We put a smile on people’s faces, as we focus on designing unique, original and completely authentic patterns, to make the best time of the year – Christmas – even more special.

All of our jumpers are exclusive to give customers something unique and different that they can’t find anywhere else.

Our creative team is obsessed with designing the perfect jumper for you and is researching and innovating year after year.


Social projects

With Ugly Christmas Sweasters you’ll be contributing to the wonderful social project Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day, which helps the most disadvantaged families every Christmas.

In this collaborative campaign between Save the Children and Ugly Christmas Sweasterswe help children in a situation of extreme risk with medical supplies and school materials, so that they can have a better future.



This Christmas, we’re very proud to say that 1 in products from our range are made of 100% organic cotton.

These garments are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, which guarantees the origin, extraction and handling of organic cotton in our jumpers, pyjamas and socks.